Compound Your Growth With Micro-Actions

Start to make daily deposits and watch your life transform!

Compound Your Growth Through Micro-Actions

Start making daily deposits and watch your life transform!

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…daily mini tasks make it easy to stay consistent.

…the Challenge was a positive influence in my life.

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Alongside gives you access to user-driven, self-paced Challenges that are powered by applicable neuroscience, positive psychology, and human connection. 

Our Challenges come with world-class coaching plus a supportive community of like-hearted explorers, guides, and ambassadors of better ways of living, learning, and working together alongside each other.

Our Challenges are designed to be both easy to follow and instantly beneficial by supporting the consistent application of micro-actions to produce exponentially better results over time.

It’s a step-by-step, learning-by-doing model that is fun, meaningful, and interactive.

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World-Class Coaching

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Your investment?

5 Minutes a Day

8 Micro-Actions


I tend to be negatively stressed by challenges. This Challenge however, has been a great experience because it helped me to focus on what’s good. I’m now smiling more, taking time to breathe and my self-talk is much healthier. 

  • Abbe L., 30 Days to Smell the Roses Participant, Jan ‘22

Before joining the program I struggled with dis-ease and depression. The Challenge gave me the opportunity to slow down, provide quick reminders to stay grounded and grateful. Plus the community was super helpful. 

    • Ann M., 30 Days to Smell the Roses Participant, Jan ‘22

I used to feel anxious most days. Thanks to the Challenge I have become more aware of all the good that surrounds me. I’m now looking for goodness each day. I reach out to others more often, and I celebrate my successes. 

    • Jennifer M., 30 Days to Smell the Roses Participant, Jan ‘22

I was feeling quiet down from 693 days of pandemic. The Challenge helped me start my day on a positive uplifting note and directed my focus away from anxiety. I learned that taking a moment of inner reflection is really good for me. Also, focusing on positive thoughts in the morning sets the tone for the day, and sharing and spreading joy brings self joy. 

    • Ilyanne M., 30 Days to Smell the Roses Participant, Jan ‘22

Why Join Us is a social life-improvement network. 

Here we filter out the noise and tune in with ourselves and each other.

We compound our goodness alongside each other, recognize and reward each other for taking positive actions.

Here you get access to the world’s most sought-after leadership coaches who share their best advice for simple day-to-day practices that will improve your results in business and in life.

Our programs are designed to gradually open you up to think, see, act, and express yourself anew, feel differently and get better results in life and at work – guaranteed!

Our Cadre of Coaches

Our cadre of coaches have proven track records in catalyzing positive and regenerative change for leaders, teams, and organizations.

For the first time ever, the wisdom of these elite coaches is now available to guide leaders outside of corporate boardrooms to step up, make a bigger difference, and live more fulfilling lives. 

Applicable wisdom is packaged into bite-size action steps to fit alongside everyone’s busy life and work, all accessible from the convenience of your home, office, and anywhere life takes you.


5 Minutes a Day

8 Micro Actions

= Instant Benefits

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