A Social Self-Coaching Portal

The best results–the quickest. 

A Social Self-Coaching Portal

The best results–the quickest.


We produce and host interactive community programs for schools, businesses, and communities where people often feel overworked, stressed, underappreciated, and disconnected.

Within minutes, Alongside life improvement programs produce lasting positive change in mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Program Feedback

from Participants


“An optimism uplift.”

“I became more positive, more grateful.”

“I have a more positive outlook.”

“I got to know my colleagues better.”

“I have a sense of being part of a team.”

“Improvements in faculty/staff sense of family.

“A step of improving staff morale and connectivity.”

“Great program. Thank you.”

“I loved it and it was fun.”

“It was perfect.”

from Sponsors


“…the challenge was very successful and provided an outstanding way for us to start our school year.” 

Source: Letter of Recommendation by Thomas Kruczek, President, Christopher Columbus High School, Miami, Florida


“…Our intention was to foster a respectful and compassionate family environment while demonstrating genuine love of work by living out our Marist Mission…our goal to strengthen relationships and create a new and engaging platform of evangelization was achieved.”

Source: Letter of Recommendation by David Pugh, Principal, Christopher Columbus High School, Miami, Florida


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 Tiny Changes–Massive Results!


We share access to

the world’s proven wisdom and

latest research-based discoveries

curated into practical coaching tips

broken into actionable baby steps

tracked on a private social self-coaching platform

rooted in applicable neuroscience,

positive psychology, and

human development

that rewards participants

for putting essential life-improvement and

leadership skills

into daily practice.





Become a valued team player, understanding how to pursue shared goals, act inclusively of others, and contribute your ideas and perspectives to shared projects and goals.


Listen, reflect, give feedback, directions, and learn how to resolve conflict and negotiate based on interests. Teachers need to be able to communicate in the classroom as well as with colleagues, parents, and administration.


Become more sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another while promoting and respecting individual and cultural differences.

Goal Setting

Make sure you have short-term and long-term goals, as well as the clarity, resources, motivation, and guidance to get there.


Lead from the future! Apply effective negotiating skills while asserting your authority in the classroom.


Learn how to listen to your own inner guidance and how to listen generatively to bring out the best thinking of others and make them feel heard, seen, and valued. 

Mental Wellness

Generate a state of well-being in which individuals realize his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and are able to contribute to his or her community.


Maintain a nonjudgmental state of awareness of your thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.


Observe and adjust based on others’ needs to create ‘light bulb’ moments for your students.

Problem Solving

Go beyond ‘putting out fires’ and identify a problem, determine the cause, and initiate possible solutions.


Become less reactive and more adaptable, and quickly recover from day-to-day difficulties.


Take care of yourself so you can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well and perform optimally.




Grow With Ease 

For ease of application and biggest impact, we’ve packaged the most effective coaching tips centered around essential life and leadership skills into actionable micro-steps and combined them with daily mini-reflections and feedback loops that produce immediate benefits and transformational results in the shortest amount of time. 

In only 5 minutes a day, our learning-by-doing method generates self-awareness, boosts motivation, deepens the sense of connection, and creates a positive outlook and greater work-life satisfaction through applied self-care practices and supportive peer interactions and relationships.

In A Nutshell

Alongside shares the most effective coaching tips with busy professionals in the most actionable format to solve pressing issues and get the best results in the shortest amount of time–-while fostering connection and cultivating well-being alongside one another as a community.

Our Mission

Increase access and promote the application of the most relevant science-based life-improvement methods and mindsets for better results and higher quality of life.

Invest In Yourself!


5 Minutes a Day



Our Coaches

Our coaches have proven track records in catalyzing positive and regenerative change for leaders, teams, and organizations.

For the first time ever, this elite wisdom is now available to guide busy professionals to gain essential life and leadership skills quickly.

Applicable coaching tips are packaged into tiny, step-by-step actions to fit alongside everyone’s busy life and work obligations–all accessible on the go and with micro tasks and reflections that can be done within a few minutes each day.

Recent Program Results & Impact


The Impact

Thanks to/because of the 30-Day Challenge…

84% feel more grateful overall

81% put religious values more consciously into daily practice

81% are more aware of the good things in life 

76% feel a stronger connection to their colleagues

76% feel a greater sense of belonging to the community


Participant’s Feedback

“Before the challenge I was anxious and just overwhelmed with the new year. The Challenge gave me the opportunity to pause and take time to be thankful and appreciate what I have. I now have a more positive attitude, a stronger connection with God and more in tune with life.”

“I was nervous, and not sure what to expect. I’m also a new employee but loved everything about it. It was fulfilling and I’m sad it is over. I’m feeling more self aware, more positive throughout my day, and closer connected to God.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The challenge encouraged me to stop and reflect on my day and look for the good in it. I am taking time to find the good. I am slowing down, creating quiet moments, just observing the world, and focusing on finding happiness.”


Serviced with our coaching partner


The Impact

Thanks to/because of the 30-Day Challenge…

92% attuned their awareness to the positive things at work and in life.

92% feel a greater sense of community and connection.

83% feel that the quality of relationships with colleagues has improved.

75% took more time for self-care.

75% say that their overall well-being has improved.


Participants’ Feedback

“I felt burned out at the end of the day. Reflecting on my day really helped and made me feel less burnout. More awareness. Less stress.” Osvaldo Samper

“I wasn’t taking time out for myself. I became more in tune with myself-and doing things of value for me. My improvements are better health, self awareness, and I have a sense of being part of a team.” –Aida De Welde (Diaz)

“As a new teacher, It’s been difficult to build relationships with my colleagues. Thanks to the Hi Tide Challenge I got to know my colleagues better. Improvements from the 30-day challenge are greater levels of self awareness of my attitude. I’m feeling more gratitude for all the positive things. I also experience improvements in faculty/staff sense of family.” –Walter Busse

“Our staff was in need for many years to connect in a more social and fun way. It was refreshing to hear all that my colleagues are grateful for related to school and the students. The idea of having this challenging is a step of improving staff morale and connectivity “ Anete Lobo 

“I was able to learn more about my colleagues. Improvements from the Hi Tide Challenge is better communication, teamwork and respect “ Linda Merilus

“I was really stressed out and I am now calmer and more in control of my attitude, thanks to the Hi Tide Challenge. I feel overall more gratitude, less stress, and have a more positive outlook.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed. The Hi Tide Challenge made me more thankful for the good things. I now have more peace of mind.”

One of my biggest challenges before this experience was not recognizing all the blessings — all the positivity — that surrounded me. After participating in the Hi Tide Challenge, my perspective and my outlook completely changed. I became more positive, more grateful. The 3 most significant improvements I’m experiencing are: 1) A more positive, appreciative outlook; 2) More awareness; 3) More peace of mind.”

“Through the Hi Tide Challenge I was able to make connections with many colleagues. The improvements are better communication, understanding of perceptions, and better relationships.”

Serviced with our coaching partner

Oct 2022

Participants’ Feedback

“I lacked relationships with my coworkers and thanks to the Mental Muscle Challenge, I now have better connections with my colleagues. I’m overall feeling more mindful and resilient to deal with everyday challenges.” – Juan

“I was constantly complaining about things that were going wrong. The overall value I received from the Mental Muscle Challenge is to be more thankful, grateful, aware, and more positive. The three most significant improvements is that I’ve become more appreciative of what really matters in life, like love, family and health. Another improvement I noticed personally is all the small wins that I have on a daily basis.” – Raimel

“I lacked direction during the day. Thanks to the Mental Muscle Challenge, I now have a better connection to my co-workers, better communication with them, and am taking greater accountability for my personal goals.” – Gabriel G. 

“It was challenging for me to see the positive. The Mental Muscle Challenge was an amazing experience for me. I’m now beginning the day with gratitude and am looking for things to be grateful for.” – Emmy

“I was unaware of my feelings. The Mental Muscle Challenge gave me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts and emotions. I feel the benefits of journaling and open communication with my coworkers.” – Luigi

“I was stressed about finances and not feeling great about work. The Mental Muscle Challenge helped me to slow down. As a result, I’m having a more positive work experience and I’m expressing gratitude more often.” – Cassandra

“I felt very stressed. The Mental Muscle Challenge made me self-reflect and become more aware of all the positive things I have going for me. I’ve started to write more poetry and feel overall more positive.” – Maria 

“Before the challenge I noticed that gratitude was not part of my life. The value I gained has been that I have incorporated sharing gratitude with my own kids daily. Three significant improvements I have noticed were connecting with colleagues, self-reflection, and finding the positives in my life.” – Barbara M. 

“I was feeling burned out. The Mental Muscle Challenge gave me encouragement from so many healthy, inspirational, self care messages and reminders. I value the social connections during the Challenge, and more importantly, the daily practice of gratitude. I now have a much more positive outlook everyday that will reflect in my work and service to others.” – Doris

“I wasn’t feeling well. The Challenge allowed me to notice and celebrate the little things that are good and feel grateful for them. I’m now feeling more mindful, taking better care of myself, and laughing more often.” – Maria

Serviced with our coaching partner

Oct 2022