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Being a coach can feel isolating. Integrating new technologies and tools can cause stress and doubt. But you don’t have to figure it all out alone! We’ve been there before and offer you our perspective openly  It’s so much more fun, faster, and rewarding when we collaborate and co-create. 

Come join our community of like-hearted coaches! We lift each other up, share our best practices, and learn and grow alongside each other and make a greater impact together. 

Every month we host live training sessions that help maximize your time and increase your impact as a coach. 


Promotion, Marketing, Recruitment

Getting More Referrals

Upselling to Higher Value Offerings

Closing the Sale

Validating Your Impact

Curating Content for Challenges

Participant Engagement

Hosting/Facilitating the Challenge

Program Structure and Design 

Making Impactful Videos

and More!

This membership will open you up to new partnerships and friendships for life. Plus it will enhance your successes in running Challenges and transform your coaching business and life. 

Our community is designed around the principles of
Inclusion, Contribution, Gratitude & WIN-WIN-WIN


Create your personal profile on our private social network and let’s connect intentionally, free from noice and distractions. Here we interact with each other by sharing our wins, gems, insights and breathroughs with each other. 


You’ll have convenient access to events and an ever-expanding library of resources relevant to maximizing your time and growing your impact and income.  


Ask questions and express your needs. You’ll receive ongoing support and practical advice from peers who have been there before.

Why do it alone when we can grow alongside each other!

A rising tide lifts all boats.”

– John F Kennedy


I am a Strategic Business Coach, Business Developer, and Facilitator. My clients include coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who all share the desire to optimize their time and grow their impact.

I founded Alongside to support more coaches at scale and transform more lives and businesses in synergy with each other.

I’m passionate about being a catalyst for positive change. My mission is to improve access to life-enhancing experiences that bring out the best in us individually as well as collectively. 

Over the past 24 months, in collaboration with 20+ coaches, we have launched close to 100 challenges and enrolled over 2,000 participants who’ve taken over 1 million collective actions toward personal and communal betterment.

Forward thinking businesses professionals, community organizers, educational leaders, healthcare workers, federal government agents, entrepreneurs across the globe report significant improvements in their emotional, mental, and social well-being thanks to Challenges.  

I’m excited to share our best practices in producing, promoting, and profiting from challenges to optimize your time and impact.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to you and to your success.


What other coaches are saying:

As I was preparing to launch my next challenge, I made a decision…and took a bit of risk. I hired Yosef to help. Not only did we upgrade several aspects and elements of our challenge, I upgraded my life by becoming friends with Yosef! We’ve streamlined the onboarding process and integrated it into my website and e-commerce platform (Squarespace). We created a stellar landing page. We branded the Daily Inspirations and I’m now dripping them out on LinkedIn and the goodness of the challenge is rippling far and wide on social media.

Kevin Monroe
Business Consultant & Gratitude Guide

Finding Yosef was like finding gold! A delightful human being who seeks to understand who you are first and provides a framework to help you position your offering or service in a way to attract individuals who are looking for what you offer. Working with Yosef was easeful, super efficient and exceptionally timely. He offers high quality, excellent service for an affordable investment. In my experience Yosef is an outstanding individual who stands out in his field of serving others with what they ask for and goes the extra mile, adding value to your relationship and your business. It has been a 5 star experience working with Yosef.


Jane Adshead-Grant
The Listening Coach

Who knew I would enjoy sales so much now that I am learning to engage with people in a new way, that feels like having a chat rather than driving a sale. It’s wonderful to connect with people and it’s been a sustainable change to my business approach and success.

Laura Warf
Wellness Coach

What’s included in this affordable Membership?

Join us LIVE for a monthly 60-minute training session and access to the recordings.

In every session you’ll learn one new easy-to-implement way, tactic, or actions to optimize your time and grow your impact and income.


Share your wins, gems, insight and breakthroughs! Get inspired, ask your questions, and create new friendships in this members-only community of coaches on the path of growing their business and impacting more lives.


On our private social member community platform, you’ll become part of an ongoing conversation about how to refine our approaches and improve the impact we’re creating. You’ll be able to copy & paste those insights immediately, not only for Challenges, and generate better results across the board.


Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Membership

$247 $447

per month

Simply click on the button to sign up. Once the payment is processed, an email will be on its way to get you started!

Pay As You Go Membership

$247 $447

per month

Simply click on the button to sign up. Once the payment is processed, an email will be on its way to get you started!


  • You are a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, author, therapist, or teacher and you desired to make a greater impact.
  • Most of your business is through referrals and you want to broaden your reach.
  • You’re designing your first Challenge and are now wondering how to best market this new service.
  • You are contemplating how to best integrate Challenges into your ecology of products and services.
  • Perhaps you’ve run a few Challenges already with great responses and are ready to scale up and reach more people with marketing that speaks to your ideal target audiences.
  • Or, maybe you’ve run a Challenge and it didn’t go as well as you’d hoped and you are left wondering what can be done better. 


  • In addition to learning how to best produce, promote, and profit from Challenges, you want to learn to market your business in ways that are effective and that feel real and more authentic in alignment with who you are.
  • Being connected to a group of coaches who know exactly how to help you.
  • You want to grow your client base, make a greater impact and earn more while working less.
  • You need someone to show you exactly what to do and how to do it. More than anything, you need others to do it with you so it’s fun and you don’t feel alone, stressed, or confused.

Join our private community for coaches by coaches and take the stress out of producing and promoting Challenges and growing your business.  

We do better alongside each other.

Join the “Alongside Coaches Community”


Founding Memberships are limited to 20 places!

$247 $447

per month

Simply click on the button to sign up. Once the payment is processed, an
email will be on its way to get you started!

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