30 Days IN the Power of Gratitude

Discover Hope, Optimism, and New Possibilities

Are you longing for more significance and meaning? Are you feeling disconnected, discouraged, or despair?

I invite you to a truly transformative experience and live IN the Power of GRATITUDE for 30 days.  Gratitude fuels your SHIFT in perspective and opens the door to a life of abundance. A feeling of HOPE, OPTIMISM, and NEW POSSIBILITIES.


“I discovered that gratitude is better together and to never underestimate how one tiny thing can ripple into a big amazing wave!”

– Laura Elmquist, New Mexico

“I was somewhat skeptical at first, as this isn’t something I’d normally be interested in. However, it was absolutely fantastic! A few minutes a day thinking about gratitude and connecting with like-minded people was so rewarding!”

– Gordon McFarlane, United Kingdom

“A resurrection and rebirth for me after ending 2020 in a dark emotional and mental space after losing my mother, uncle, 2 first cousins & 2 very dear childhood friends.”

– Portia Watkins, Pennsylvania

“It became the high point of my day and I enjoyed sharing the learning and personal reflections with my partner. I enjoyed meeting many new people from all over the world and celebrating that gratitude has no borders.”

– Leatham Green, United Kingdom

“The practice of gratitude had a ripple effect and positively impacted my life, work, and family.”

– Jane Adshead-Grant, United Kingdom

“My gratitude practice became much more consistent as I spent time EVERY day being present with gratitude.”

– Jenny Hasse, Utah


Gratitude Changes Everything. Maybe you believe that. Maybe you’re not quite sure whether or not you believe it, but you’re curious. And you’re hoping gratitude will change one thing, circumstance or situation in your life.

This 30 Days IN the Power of Gratitude program invites you to slow down, pause, and notice what really matters to you and what truly fills your heart with joy.

Gratitude is the most powerful lever you have to lift you up from scarcity to abundance. When you choose gratitude, you choose to focus on what’s good in the world—what’s good and pleasing in your life, even in moments that can feel challenging.

All it takes is 8 minutes a day to shift your perspective which leads to a change in action and response.


A sustainable gratitude practice – you will be able to release the power of abundance regularly by making it a habit

New insights and understanding of gratitude – you will see for yourself how and why you suddenly have more joy and peace

Renewed hope and optimism – you will feel empowered to take on life’s challenges

Confidence in yourself – say goodbye to depression and anxiety

Increased peace – you will still have problems, but you will also experience them as though you are in the eye of the storm

More joy – the antidote to chronic fatigue

Supportive community – gratitude is magical together

New connections that become friends – every challenge to date has been a time for wonderful people to meet, share about their experiences, and ultimately become lifelong friends


Kevin Monroe

Hi, I’m Kevin. I genuinely care and it’s my passion to help people from all walks of life to develop a personal gratitude practice that provides a perspective shift, allowing you to discover and embrace abundance.

One of my superpowers is connecting people deeper to themselves and to other like-minded people.

I create environments where people feel that they belong and are free to be who they are.

I am a perpetual optimist. A dealer of hope.

I look forward to helping you grow gratitude.


  • For 45+ years now, I’ve been on a quest to make the world a better place.
    I discovered gratitude in April 2018 during a really dark time and place in life. Gratitude helped me navigate my way forward and through.

  • In June of 2019, I felt inspired/invited by the Creator to host a gratitude challenge and have hosted Global Gratitude Challenges engaging people from 70+ countries.

  • I’m regarded as a global expert on helping people EXPERIENCE gratitude.
    Gratitude experienced is better than gratitude explained!

  • I consult with leading organizations on gratitude: Pfizer, NHS-UK, WorldBlu, and others.


Working with Kevin on—and IN—the power of Gratitude is just that: powerful. His guidance not only helps you make Gratitude a transformative way of life, he makes it fun! With Gratitude, life becomes more joyful, abundant and purposeful. Kevin shows you the way.
.Jason Meucci, Seattle

Kevin Monroe is one of life’s special people. His passion for gratitude is phenomenal. My participation in numerous Gratitude Encounters and 30 Day Challenges IN The Power of Gratitude with Kevin have made a huge difference to my life. In just 6 months of knowing Kevin, it feels like we’ve been best friends for decades. Life is amazing when you look through the right lens. Thank you, Kevin. I’m grateful for you.
.Jeff Beacham, United Kingdom

Working with Kevin has been an enriching and invaluable experience. Whether it be from his 30-Day Challenge in the Power of Gratitude, our one-on-one conversations, or his hosting a Gratitude Encounter for one of my groups, he adds value every time. Kevin is a person who cares about people. He creates environments for people to connect, feel a sense of belonging and be themselves in ways that enable them to grow both personally and professionally. He is the embodiment of gratitude, inspiring others to see what is right with the world, shifting habits to mindsets and mindsets to a way of being. He is a generator of hope. Kevin is an exceptionally generous guide for growing your gratitude. In working with Kevin, I have accomplished more than I could have imagined, grown as a human being, and deepened my gratitude for our lives and world. Thank you, Kevin.
.Jane Adshead-Grant, United Kingdom

I would say that it’s been transformative. Working with Kevin has given me practical tools, and more importantly, the emotional set points to calibrate my spiritual practice. I know if my self-work is working when I “feel” better. Since working with Kevin, I feel better on a regular basis!
.John Daniels, Scotland

Because of Kevin and his guidance in growing my own gratitude practice, I am living my best life!  I have true joy in my heart and see the abundance all around me with wonder and awe. I have met so many beautiful people across the globe who are like-hearted, passionate individuals because of my connection to Kevin. He has encouraged me, believed in me, and helped me discover my own leadership potential all because of his passion of seeing the good in others.  And most importantly, working with Kevin has led me to a place of belonging and connection that I have never experienced before, which is priceless!
.Laura Elmquist, New Mexico

Discover Hope, Optimism, and New Possibilities

8 minutes invested IN the Power of Gratitude consistently practiced over time will produce a truly transformative experience – guaranteed!



The 30-day Challenge includes an array of self-reflective mini-tasks centered around the art and science of gratitude. It’s a learn-by-doing model that encourages you to reflect on your practices and daily progress.

You will access the program at your own time and play along at your personal comfort levels.


Get inspired by others like you! Participants reveal the creative ways with which they are learning and growing.

Social interactions and shared acknowledgments keep it fun and motivating to stay engaged.


8 minutes a day of your time and US$97.

Contact Kevin for team admission or to book a private challenge for your team(s), business, or organization. Also, if the cost creates a barrier for you to attend, email me and let me know. We’ve got some scholarships available and will not let money be the barrier to growing gratitude and abundance in your life.


Yes, absolutely. A Challenge is a fantastic way to upskill your staff in a fun and meaningful way, plus strengthen community connections and your culture. Email kevin@kevindmonroe.com and we can chat about setting up a private Challenge!


You get a 10-day money-back guarantee from the start date of the Challenge. If in this time you decide it’s not for you, just send me your refund request at kevin@kevindmonroe.com and I’ll issue you a full refund.