7 Keys To Unlock Your Resilience

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7 Keys To Unlock Your Resilience

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Move Towards Clarity, Confidence, and Happiness

Does everything feel too much to handle right now? Are you starting to shut down? Or are mounting challenges pushing you towards a breaking point? However, now is the time when your leadership is needed most, in your home, your business, and your communities.

I invite you to join me on this 7-day journey that’ll gradually shift your focus to what is within your control and towards more positive thinking and actions. By investing 7 minutes over 7 days you can go from languishing to flourishing again!

Along our 7-day journey, we’ll put ancient wisdom into everyday practice and visit 7 sights rich in history and Greek mythology.


Results & Benefits

  • Effective Resiliency Skills
  • Increased Confidence and Well-Being
  • Practical Tools to Cope with Challenges and Crises
  • Timely Application of Timeless Principles
  • Greater Self Awareness
  • New Connections


This is for you!

Are you seeking tried and tested strategies and tools to help navigate through the uncertainty of life?

Our old predictable norms have been lost and replaced with one crisis after the next. Resiliency skills are no longer optional. They have become essential skills in order not to sink into depression and despair.

With resiliency skills, we can actually go from surviving to thriving and start enjoying life again, regardless of our fears or real dangers.

Allow me to take you on a journey that’ll give you the opportunity to gradually put 7 Keys to Unlock Your Resilience into practice and achieve clarity, confidence, and happiness.


  The best takeaway is that I realized the small things I do each day that I typically don’t appreciate myself for doing.” – Dr. Shanthi Bansal

 I have learned to be more mindful and in tune with myself.” – Renee Lund 

 Taking care of myself needs to be a bigger priority in my life. This will enable me to continue to help and serve others around me.” – Kristie Gamboa Cheyne

 This challenge definitely helped me navigate through a rough time and come out on the other end as a better person.” – Zack Demopoulos

  I got a mindset reset and feel more positive in general which helps me focus on self-care.” – Tony Cingoranelli

  I have been anxious about my business and the challenge helped me focus on the positive and all the good things I’ve accomplished this year.” – Bette Smith

Meet Your Coach

Kon Apostolopoulos

Hi, I’m coach Kon. As a lifelong learner and naturally curious person, I have discovered that my purpose and passion is to lead, coach, and teach – in business, sports, and life.

I help individuals discover ways within themselves to improve their situation and achieve their personal and professional goals.

I offer insights to expand their perspective and see situations differently. Coaching them using the right mix of direction and support helps my clients realize their potential, and achieve fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness in what they do.

I look forward to getting to meet you. Come join me on this FREE 7-day journey of personal growth!


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