Miami Dade County Public School District

The Impact



Serviced June 2022 with Progress Partners Consulting


“I lacked relationships with my coworkers and thanks to the Mental Muscle Challenge, I now have better connections with my colleagues. I’m overall feeling more mindful and resilient to deal with everyday challenges.” – Juan

“I was constantly complaining about things that were going wrong. The overall value I received from the Mental Muscle Challenge is to be more thankful, grateful, aware, and more positive. The three most significant improvements is that I’ve become more appreciative of what really matters in life, like love, family and health. Another improvement I noticed personally is all the small wins that I have on a daily basis.” – Raimel

“I lacked direction during the day. Thanks to the Mental Muscle Challenge, I now have a better connection to my co-workers, better communication with them, and am taking greater accountability for my personal goals.” – Gabriel G. 

“It was challenging for me to see the positive. The Mental Muscle Challenge was an amazing experience for me. I’m now beginning the day with gratitude and am looking for things to be grateful for.” – Emmy

“I was unaware of my feelings. The Mental Muscle Challenge gave me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts and emotions. I feel the benefits of journaling and open communication with my coworkers.” – Luigi

“I was stressed about finances and not feeling great about work. The Mental Muscle Challenge helped me to slow down. As a result, I’m having a more positive work experience and I’m expressing gratitude more often.” – Cassandra

“I felt very stressed. The Mental Muscle Challenge made me self-reflect and become more aware of all the positive things I have going for me. I’ve started to write more poetry and feel overall more positive.” – Maria 

“Before the challenge I noticed that gratitude was not part of my life. The value I gained has been that I have incorporated sharing gratitude with my own kids daily. Three significant improvements I have noticed were connecting with colleagues, self-reflection, and finding the positives in my life.” – Barbara M. 

“I was feeling burned out. The Mental Muscle Challenge gave me encouragement from so many healthy, inspirational, self care messages and reminders. I value the social connections during the Challenge, and more importantly, the daily practice of gratitude. I now have a much more positive outlook everyday that will reflect in my work and service to others.” – Doris

“I wasn’t feeling well. The Challenge allowed me to notice and celebrate the little things that are good and feel grateful for them. I’m now feeling more mindful, taking better care of myself, and laughing more often.” – Maria