Miami Beach Senior High School

The Impact

Thanks to/because of the 30-Day Challenge…

92% attuned their awareness to the positive things at work and in life.

92% feel a greater sense of community and connection.

83% feel that the quality of relationships with colleagues has improved.

75% took more time for self-care.

75% say that their overall well-being has improved.


Serviced Oct 2022 with Progress Partners Consulting


“I felt burned out at the end of the day. Reflecting on my day really helped and made me feel less burnout. More awareness. Less stress.” Osvaldo Samper

“I wasn’t taking time out for myself. I became more in tune with myself-and doing things of value for me. My improvements are better health, self awareness, and I have a sense of being part of a team.” –Aida De Welde (Diaz)

“As a new teacher, It’s been difficult to build relationships with my colleagues. Thanks to the Hi Tide Challenge I got to know my colleagues better. Improvements from the 30-day challenge are greater levels of self awareness of my attitude. I’m feeling more gratitude for all the positive things. I also experience improvements in faculty/staff sense of family.” –Walter Busse

“Our staff was in need for many years to connect in a more social and fun way. It was refreshing to hear all that my colleagues are grateful for related to school and the students. The idea of having this challenging is a step of improving staff morale and connectivity “ Anete Lobo 

“I was able to learn more about my colleagues. Improvements from the Hi Tide Challenge is better communication, teamwork and respect “ Linda Merilus

“I was really stressed out and I am now calmer and more in control of my attitude, thanks to the Hi Tide Challenge. I feel overall more gratitude, less stress, and have a more positive outlook.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed. The Hi Tide Challenge made me more thankful for the good things. I now have more peace of mind.”

One of my biggest challenges before this experience was not recognizing all the blessings — all the positivity — that surrounded me. After participating in the Hi Tide Challenge, my perspective and my outlook completely changed. I became more positive, more grateful. The 3 most significant improvements I’m experiencing are: 1) A more positive, appreciative outlook; 2) More awareness; 3) More peace of mind.”

“Through the Hi Tide Challenge I was able to make connections with many colleagues. The improvements are better communication, understanding of perceptions, and better relationships.”